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The largest web events
for less money

Instant Teleseminar is the webinar provider that hosts the
web's largest high-attendance webinars...the most scaleable
webinar technology proven at 20,000, 30,000, even 50,000
or more live connections.

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The Biggest Webinars Happen Here
Whether you're hosting a political webinar, spiritual webinar, or a webinar for a Fortune 500 all-hands meeting, you've come to the right place for high-attendance webcasts.
High-Attendance Webcasts for Less
Since our scaleable webinar technology requires fewer web servers for huge webinars, it costs less money for us to operate them, and we pass that savings on to you.
Scaleable Webinar Technology
Our engineers wrote the webcasting software from the ground up—even fine-tuning the web server's operating system kernal—with scalability, performance, and reliability in mind. That means massive, 10,000+ attendee-events require far fewer resources to operate.
Proven Experience with Large Webcasts
We've been doing the web's largest webcasts and online events for a long time, and our technology's only getting better. So relax and put together a great presentation...we'll deliver it to huge online audiences better than anyone else.