Replay-Why you should take Advantage of Holidays
in your Job Search - Wed, Dec. 7th at 12:00pm CST

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Many executive job seekers are hesitant to put a lot of energy into searching from Thanksgiving through the first of the year. This can be a huge mistake! During this webinar, Tammy Kabell will share with you why it is a mistake to take off the holidays, and how to take advantage of the lack of competition during this perceived slow time. For Tammy’s clients, the last quarter of the year has oftentimes shown the best results – in this call, she will explain why. BIG BONUS: To give thanks to all her clients and followers of this Six Figure Pro series of webinars, Tammy will be offering an extended question and answer period to allow you to ask ANY question you have on how to conduct an effective search for a $100K+ position. Anything and everything, including how to answer difficult interview questions, negotiating, overcoming obstacles like age and long unemployment, resume review, etc. This is your opportunity to get personalized, live coaching from a nationally recognized resource.
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