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Create winning joint ventures, deliver engaging training, and build and sell info products without having to learn new technologies

Broadcast Events Via Phone and Web

It only takes a few minutes to get started with Instant Teleseminar. All you need is a telephone and a computer, and you're instantly building increased trust and added responsiveness.

Instant Teleseminar includes hundreds of built-in webcast templates, fully editable with fill-in-the-blank setup. You get unlimited events, one-click recording, and instant online replay, saving you hours of extra work.

Set Up Interactive Live Broadcast Pages in Seconds

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Add a Button That Gets Prospects to Buy From You

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Save Hours of Work with Instant Online Replay

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See Who's Talking with the Interactive Control Panel

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Empower Your Audience to "Raise Their Hands" For Interactive Q&A Sessions

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Mute and Ummute Individual Callers Who Have Questions From Your Control Panel

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Take Questions Before, During, and After Your Call


Password Protect Your Events on the Phone and on the Web

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