Broadcast Your Events Via Phone and Web

Create winning joint ventures, deliver engaging training services, and build and sell info products without having to learn new technologies

Ready to say goodbye to complexity? is incredibly easy to use. It only takes a few minutes to get started: All you need is a telephone and a computer, and you're instantly building increased trust and added responsiveness.

It includes hundreds of built-in webcast templates, fully editable with fill-in-the-blank setup. You get unlimited events, one-click recording, and instant online replay, saving you hours of extra work.

Instant Teleseminar builds your list, increases conversions and transforms you into an instant expert without breaking your budget

Set Up Interactive Live Broadcast Pages In Seconds

Add a Button That Gets Prospects to Opt-In To Your Newsletter or Buy From You

Save Hours of Work with Instant Online Replay

See Who's on the Phone and Who's Talking with the Interactive Control Panel

Empower Your Audience to "Raise Their Hands" For Interactive Q&A Sessions

Mute and Ummute Individual Callers Who Have Questions From Your Control Panel

Take Questions Before, During, and After Your Call

Password Protect Your Events on the Phone and on the Web

Connect to Callers from Around the World for Free with Skype

Industry-Leading Sound Quality Free of Distractions and Unwanted Noise

Noise Reduction

volume leveling

Prospects see your

Customize the
"take action" button
100% Guarantee: You Can Cancel At Any Time and Never Be Billed Again
"WOW!!!!! Very impressed with how easy it is to set up and promote the call. We have conference calls now, but don't have any way to promote them that's this easy. Also, we can't record the call or replay the call for people to hear. We pay a LOT more money for it and don't have the features that you offer. Will be getting rid of the other system!"
Randy Patton
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I couldn't believe how fast, how easy and how much time it saves me. I use Instant Teleseminar all the time!
Christina Hills
Website Creation Workshop
This one tool has helped us to generate over $500,000 in sales revenue the last year alone. It is the "STANDARD" system in our industry.
David Frey
I love the templates, the management dashboard, and the Q&A feature. I always recommend that my clients use Instant Teleseminar.
Denise Wakeman
The Blog Squad
I use IT for our countdown to the cruise calls, mastermind sessions, affiliate webcasts, and to convert prospects to clients.
"Captain Lou" Edwards
Instant Teleseminar is easy to use. My favorite part is how easy it is to talk to people all over the world.
Dr. Ellyn Bader
I started with no list, no product, and no ideas, and Instant Teleseminar has helped me to build a 6 figure a year business.
Connie Green
"I'm loving Instant Teleseminar and just recommended it to a friend. You guys saved me because I was so nervous leading my first conference call for my sold out course... that I forgot to record it! Man was I relieved to find the back up recording! Edited it in 5 minutes and was good to go!"
Share Ross
Video Rockstar University