Create Group Coaching Programs and Lead-Generating Telesummits

Super-easy teleseminars help you coach in groups, generate leads, and make more money.

No Downloads, Ever.

Coaches and other professional speakers choose Instant Teleseminar because it's easy to use for both you and your audience, with no downloads required for anyone. By making things easy, you get bigger audiences...and that means more sales for you.

Other services require your audience to download and install an executable file on their computers, or to sign up for an account to participate. And that scares some people away.

And since Instant Teleseminar works on all devices, your audience can participate on their PC, Mac, tablet, smartphone or landline phone, and enjoy the same experience.

Helps You Sell More. Sets up in Seconds.

Instant Teleseminar is the easiest way to build your list and sell your expert knowledge. With just a few clicks, you can set up an event, deliver your talk, and present a Call to Action button to drive people to your sign-up page.

  • Display slides

    Record your slide changes and conversation and instantly display a replay when your event ends.

  • Display Pre-Recorded Video

    Share video, then pause and discuss: Instant Teleseminar records everything for your replays.

  • Call to Action Button

    Display a static call to action button, or a dynamic button that appears at a specific time to send people to your order form.

  • Pinless Dial-in Option

    All service plans include the option to create one or more decidated 'pinless' numbers which let your attendees easily dial into your live or recorded events.

  • Instant Replay by Phone & Web

    Create unlimited recordings and display replays within seconds of the end of your live events. Turn your recordings on or off whenever you like, or have them automatically expire on a date and time you set in advance.

  • Autopilot Automated Events

    Broadcast a recording over the phone lines and live webcast so that it has all appearances of a live event. Perfect for telesummits.

Unlimited Events and Recordings, One Flat Cost

Host as many teleseminars and webinars as you want. Recordings are automatically hosted for you on our servers at no extra charge.

instant teleseminar

See "Raised Hands" & Control Who Speaks

See who has questions when people in your audience "raise their hands." Whether you have 10 or 1,000 live callers, Instant Teleseminar lets you speak and interact with any single audience member at the click of a button.

Control the flow of conversation by muting and unmuting individual callers or all callers at once.

Have private "hosts-only" conversations before your calls to prepare, and after your calls to debrief.

Autopilot Automated Events and Telesummits

Autopilot broadcasts a pre-recorded audio over the phone and live webcast, so your audience experiences the call exactly as if it were a live event.

By pre-recording your presentations and interviews, you can easily host impactful telesummits with the very best speakers.

Other services host "live evergreen" events, but only as web videos, making audiences suspicious that it is a recording. By giving your audience the option to attend by phone, the appearance of a "truly live" event is enhanced.

event pages

Event Pages That Get People to Sign Up for Your Services

An event page is a mini website that makes it easy for participants to attend your events and sign up for your courses and programs.

Before your event begins, your event page describes your event and includes an "Add to Calendar" button to remind participants to come back at the right time.

When your event goes live, your event page automatically displays the connection options, including how to connect by phone, web call, or webcast. And when your event is over, the same page automatically displays the replay.

Use your event page to display slides or video, share handouts, and display a call to action button.

Live Webcasts for up to 100,000 people

Only Instant Teleseminar includes events with phone and simultaneous live webcasts.

Like a radio broadcast, a webcast allows potentially tens of thousands of people to listen in, even when they are "on the go."

big webinars
event checklist

Live Event Checklist, Help Videos, and Technical Support

Avoid embarrassing mistakes and look like a seasoned pro by following our simple, step-by-step system to manage your events.

Our U.S.-based support team has been helping coaches and marketers run profitable teleseminars, webinars, and telesummits longer than anyone.

Other services charge extra for support or only offer help at higher service plans. Instant Teleseminar provides technical assistance by phone and by live chat for all customers at all levels.

Unlimited Recordings and
Automatic Backup Recordings

Other services charge you for bandwidth and/or storing your recordings, but not Instant Teleseminar. You can create an unlimited number of recordings and we'll host them for you for as long as you are a customer without "nickel and diming" you.

Forget to record your event? No problem! Instant Teleseminar automatically creates a backup recording for each event.

And if you need help editing your audios or replacing any part of your presentation, just contact our support team and they'll lend you a hand for a nominal service fee.

local phone numbers

Local and International Phone Numbers, Skype, and Web Call

No matter how participants connect—by phone, web call, or Skype—everyone can hear and speak with everyone else.

So a caller in France can dial a French number, a caller from Canada can dial a Canadian number, and a caller from Los Angeles can dial an LA number to connect and talk in the same conference with other phone, Skype, and Web Call participants from all over the world.

Dial-in numbers are "standard" phone numbers—Instant Teleseminar does not charge per-minute usage fees.

Get Started for Just $1

Instant Teleseminar is the "gold standard" for people who coach, teach, and lead others.
Try any of our service plans for 21 days for just $1.

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$ 47 per month
  • Compare to Gotowebinar at $109/month
  • Unlimited Events
  • Unlimited Recordings
    Replay by Phone or Web
  • 20 Interactive Participants
  • 100 Broadcast Listeners
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$ 67 per month
  • Compare to Gotowebinar at $249/month
  • Unlimited Events
  • Unlimited Recordings
    Replay by Phone or Web
  • 100 Interactive Participants
  • 500 Broadcast Listeners
  • Local Dial-in 19 Countries
  • Autopilot Automated Events
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$ 97 per month
  • Compare to Zoom at $199/month
  • Unlimited Events
  • Unlimited Recordings
    Replay by Phone or Web
  • 250 Interactive Participants
  • 1,000 Broadcast Listeners
  • Local Dial-in 19 Countries
  • Autopilot Automated Events
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$ 197 per month
  • Compare to Zoom at $1,999/month
  • Unlimited Events
  • Unlimited Recordings
    Replay by Phone or Web
  • 500 Interactive Participants
  • 10,000+ Broadcast Listeners
  • Local Dial-in 19 Countries
  • Autopilot Automated Events
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Pamela Bruner

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Ocean Robbins

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Suzanne Evans

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