Welcome to Jamie McLeod-Skinner's Virtual Town Hall Excerpts on Trade Tariffs and Agriculture

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At a recent virtual Town Hall, Jamie McLeod-Skinner discussed her views on trade tarrifs and agriculture and other key issues facing citizens of District 2. Links have been provided so you can learn more about Jamie's platform and how to contact her to learn about future meetings and events. Even though this is a replay, you can still ask questions. We will address them on future calls. You can also use the question box to let us know that you want to receive invitations to future calls. Just fill in the question details with the email address you check most frequently and include the words "Fill me in" so we know to add you to the pre-conference list. Jamie McLeod-Skinner travels throughout Oregon District 2 and would love to meet you in person. She is running for US House of Representatives with fresh ideas and a wealth of experience to serve all of Oregon's Distict 2 citizens. Enjoy the conference.
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