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This program is intended for customers, associates and individuals interested in learning more about the CBD products offered by CTFO. The first set of questions are intended primarily for customer. The second set are primarily intended for persons who have signed up for free to be Associates. Q&A for Customers: What is the status of shipments to Canada? I am not interested in becoming an Associate. I simply want to purchase the CBD oil and try it out under the 60 day money back guarantee. How do I register as a customer rather than an associate? Since I am just a customer, Why do I have to create a user name and password? Seems like that is for Associates only. When I registered as a customer, CTFO created a website. I do not want a website. What is up here? I would prefer that they take the website down. How to I check on the status of my existing CBD oil order? What is the recommended about a specific concentration of CBD oil I should purchase when it comes to the best buy? I see there are a number of choices - 300 mg, 750 mg, 1500 mg, etc. Is the total quantity in each of the bottles the same? Is the cost of products less if I sign up for free to be an Associate? How can I save on my purchases? How do I set up automatic shipping? Can I simply call Robert to order? If I use up the entire contents of the bottle that I ordered, can I really return the empty bottle for a full refund? Besides the CBD oils, what other products does CTFO offer? Q&A for Associates- What are the required fees to maintain an associate status? In order to earn the 20% commissions, do I have to set up auto-shipping and pay for a product each month that costs at least $47? Since I will not lose the 20% commissions when someone orders from my Associate website if I do not set up auto-shipping, why should I bother to do so? How often can I commissions get paid? How do I set up payments to my bank account? How do you recommend I market the CBD oils? Is the cost of the products the same for me as an associate as they are for a person who is not an associate? How can I save on the products I personally purchase? If one of my customers returns a product, will my commissions be affected? On the associates' website can you order products from the home page under products or do you need to sign into your back office & order products from this area? What is the difference? If i am selling products or going to sell products & i have not given CTFO my tax ID what should i do? Tell me about the Tuesday & Thursday night conference calls & the call in information. Please explain the pay plan in detail including the many options available. Who in the audience would like to share their experiences with the products they are using. Are there any new developments with the company you would like to share. How is the company doing financially, etc.
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