101 Issues Related to Implementation of Effective Restorative Justice Services with Lauren Abramson

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We can all get training in an RJ “process” in so many places. But where do people go to when they need help with implementation issues? Lauren Abramson founded the Community Conferencing Center in Baltimore over 20 years ago, and will share some of her experiences related to the many decisions and challenges that inevitably arise while trying to provide high-quality and sustainable RJ community-based services. Participants are encouraged to come with their questions related to implementation issues! Lauren is a Guide for our Upcoming 2019 Connection Series. In this session she will share along the lines of a hot topic, and we will spend most of our time with her in either presentation or questions and answers with registrants for the Connection Series but this call is also for everyone interested to join in, registrant or not. We will also be sharing about the exciting upcoming series. Lauren Abramson, Ph.D., has nearly 30 years of experience working to provide people and communities with inclusive and collaborative ways to build community and address crime and conflict. As the founder of the Community Conferencing Center (now Restorative Response Baltimore), she worked for 25 years to vision, implement and sustain a community-based program that provided over 20,000 Baltimore residents with accessible and effective ways to heal and learn in the wake of crime and conflict, in their own neighborhoods, without going to court. With a background in neuroscience, Lauren sees restorative approaches as the biological imperative of our time: Only when our education, justice and other institutions allow us to be fully human will we create a healthy, caring and connected society. Lauren offers support to individuals, agencies and institutions on facilitation skills, program development/implementation, training, and other issues grounded in values-based RJ work.
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