How to Turn Your Raw Chefing Passion into a Business

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Welcome to the REPLAY! Here you can find the recording of this free training call which took place on Thursday 6th June 2019. As a reminder, here's what we covered: * How Russell got started as a Raw Food Chef and how his journey unfolded from personal passion to becoming one of the world's most famous raw food chefs * The inner and outer obstacles Russell had to overcome to get started and to reach where he is today * How Karen played a major role throughout Russell's journey and the difference it made * 5 wonderful ways to turn YOUR raw chefing passion into a thriving part-time or full-time business * The best place to start if you are serious and ready to get your own raw business journey moving! * Plus we announced the different options for you to turn your business dreams into reality if you're ready and committed to get started! See button and link on this page for more. We hope you enjoy the recording! Karen & Russell
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