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This month's topic is on ‘Balancing the Spiritual and Causal Body’ Do you feel left out, unheard, dismissed, etc, etc? Do you put yourself down in relation to others? Do you feel lost on your path or waylaid from achieving? Are you experiencing physical pain with no idea why? Do you feel overwhelmed by other’s ‘stuff’? Would you like to interact with transparency and from a heart-based space? If you say yes to any of the above then listen to the free call that is designed to help clear any imbalances that may be holding negative patterns that are affecting your mental body – which could manifest in inability to learn, feeling left out, depression, fearfulness, lack of importance, etc. The call is designed to help you move past these energetic imbalances, thus allowing you to feel more able to flow from Divine Source, living in the present and trusting in your inner self. The replay of this call will be live until the first Thursday of August 2021. Each time you listen it will help to clear the next layer of imbalances that come to the surface ready to be healed around this month's topic. If you would like to work deeper around this topic then why not sign up for the monthly series?
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