August 17 RRA Planetary Calls at 5:55 pm Pacific Time

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To listen by phone, dial 206-402-0103 and enter ID: 127-303-941#. View Advanced Controls.
Welcome to Excalibur's Planetary World Calls Teleconference! We will use the August Set Two Decrees from the RRA website (copy and paste into your browser): Music starts about 15 minutes (or so) earlier, to prepare us for our service. Excalibur welcomes and prepares us at 5:55 pm. Pacific Coast Time. Decrees start at 6 p.m. There are two Contemplation breaks with healing harp music by Erik Berglund, now Ascended. There is a guided meditation following the Decrees. Sometimes a Message comes through an Ascended Master, so it’s best not to log off too quickly. We play additional sacred music to absorb the radiant gifts from the Ascended Masters. The event is usually 70-90 minutes and yet…. we ACTUALLY end on Divine Timing. We play sacred music afterward and you are welcome to remain in the collective energy field with us all, listening to the music or logging off afterward for silence while you absorb the beautiful Radiance from the Great Ones. You can find corresponding Decrees (that we read out loud if possible) via the “handouts” link on this page (Handouts) and on the Radiant Rose Academy website:, go to the Sanctuary tab, and then open the "Loving Our Planet Free" page. Tech Tips: if you get disconnected, try reconnecting the same way or another method (choose from broadcast listen mode, web call or phone). If we have technical difficulties on our end, stay on the line since we tend to resolve those quickly while we play a song and then quick as a flash, we are back! If you miss this event or you would like to repeat it, you can listen to the recording and download it onto your computer. If you need assistance or have questions, contact: Thank you for your participation and please join us on the first and third Tuesday of every month! Loving Our Planet Free team Radiant Rose Academy
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