God Himalaya's Message September 17 2021 Replay Recording

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Message from God Himalaya via Usa, Messenger No.1 of the Radiant Rose Academy. Song before the message: Om Mani Padme Hum by India Jiva Message is 32 minutes long. Songs following message: I Vow to Thee My Country by Charlotte Church This is My Song (Sibelius/Finlandia) by Viking Chorus O Canada (Canadian National Anthem by International Anthems) America the Beautiful by Christian Harp Symphony Mexico National Anthem by Bobby Cole Harp Anthems India National Anthem by Bobby Cole Harp Anthems Dutch National Anthem by Het Wilhelmus: Israel National Anthem by Mazel Tov Band Bells of Freedom from Cathedral Notre Dame in Paris If you need help connecting, contact Live Planetary Support at: rrateleconferences@live.com. If you missed it, you can listen to the audio file on this link which also includes videos of these timely messages on the Radiant Rose Academy You Tube Channel. https://radiantroseacademy.com/sanctuary/loving-our-planet-free/the-ascended-masters-broadcasts/ Cost: these weekly (Friday) messages, designed to strengthen us during these times of tremendous changes on the Earth, are free-of- charge. However some of us feel that it is an honorable act of gratitude to support the Radiant Rose Academy for these spiritual gifts and blessings. This is where we donate: Make a Donation, Love Gifts » Radiant Rose Academy Thank you for being a precious member of our spiritual family. We deeply appreciate your Presence with us during these amazing events and our service together! Loving Our Planet Free Team Radiant Rose Academy www.RadiantRoseAcademy.com
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