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"Retirement is not the end, but rather the opportunity for a new beginning," says Larry Jacobson, a leading authority on non-fiscal retirement planning. Jacobson uses his successful experience from his own business career, retiring from the corporate world, and from achieving his personal dreams, as a proven model for his coaching. His experience has attracted coaching clients from all walks of life including entrepreneurs, CEO's, doctors, attorneys, teachers, and public figures. Jacobson believes retirement is not a time to stop growing, and he coaches clients to discover untapped passions. He then combines these passions with their past knowledge and experience to build a plan of action for a retirement of fulfillment and purpose. Jacobson is also known for his coaching in Leadership, entrepreneurship, and public speaking. Successfully transitioning from CEO to sailor, Jacobson achieved his lifelong dream of sailing around the world. After that accomplishment, he transformed himself into a six-time literary award-winning author and motivational speaker. Now Buoy Coaching & Training focuses on coaching programs that rethink and redefine retirement. The groundbreaking program, Sail Into Retirement, which combines home study and personal coaching feedback, has quickly achieved notoriety in the field. A California native, circumnavigator and adventurer, Jacobson has over 50,000 blue water miles under his keel. His books include the six-time award-winning memoir of his six-year circumnavigation, The Boy Behind the Gate, and his recent Let's Go! -- a children's version of his journey around the world. He also recently published Navigating Entrepreneurship, in which he shares solutions and practical steps to success in an online video training course. Larry lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.
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